Antlers? As dog chews? Tell me more.

Antler dog chews are naturally shed from Deer and Elk each spring and are hand collected from the forest floor. They become dog chews when we cut them into smaller pieces, then sand the edges and tips to ensure safe chewing. Then we add a label and ship them to your dogs! They are 100% natural single-ingredient dog chews that provide many natural health benefits for your dog.

Are any animals hurt in the process?

No! Deer and Elk naturally shed their antlers each spring and regrow them in the summer months, making them a completely sustainable product. In the spring, hunters and collectors head out into the wilderness to gather these beautiful “sheds” from the forest floor wherever the animal has left them.

Are there any additives or preservatives?

Our antlers have one ingredient: antler. We never add any preservatives, dyes, chemicals, or additives of any kind.

What are the different types of antler chews?

Deer antlers are the hardest, most dense antler we carry, and Elk is softer with more spongey marrow.

Deer: Best for super chewers
Elk: Best for normal to moderate chewers

Small = under 10 lbs
Large = 15 to 45 lbs
X Large to XX Large = 50 lbs +

Antlers will also range in size (measured by length) and cut (whole or split). ‘Whole’ antlers have no marrow exposed, while ‘split’ antlers are cut down the middle so a strip of marrow is exposed length-wise. We currently only carry the Split variety. Whole antlers are coming soon!

Are antler dog chews safe for my dog?

Yes! We also sand our edges and tips to ensure safe chewing. However, as said above, you must get the right size and density based on your dog’s size and chewing habits. Additionally, it is always recommended that you keep an eye on your dog whenever they’re chewing. Antlers will gradually get smaller as your dog chews on them and should be taken away if they become small enough to swallow.

What are the health benefits of antlers?

Antlers are naturally composed of nutrient-loaded material that provides excellent health benefits for your dog (and many other animals in the wild who chew on these!).

Antlers naturally contain:

  • Collagen – a protein that is good for your dog’s bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage
  • Lipids – organic compounds essential for growth and development
  • Glucosamine – a natural compound found in cartilage that is good for joints and tissue
  • Calcium – a mineral that benefits bones, teeth, and supports muscle function
  • Phosphorus – a mineral required for bone and teeth formation, as well as aids in kidney function and, may help manage energy

On top of these nutrients and minerals, Holistic Hound antler dog chews are naturally non-allergenic, gluten-free, and, of course, have no added steroids or chemicals.

What are other benefits of getting antler chews for my dog?

Buying antler chews also has benefits for you, the pet parent! Because of their durability, they typically last much longer than a plastic or rawhide chew, which means you won’t have to replace them as quickly as other chews or toys. Their durability also means your dog will have hours of entertainment as they try to chew through to the good stuff (the marrow, yum!). Additionally, antlers are non-greasy and non-sticky so that they won’t stain your furniture or carpet, and they’re odor-free! Antler dog chews also satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew, which we hope will save some shoes or your favorite couch pillows.

What size antler should I get my dog?

The following weight ranges provide you with an idea of the approximate antler chew size guidelines for your dog (note: as minimum recommendations!). Going a size bigger will not only last longer but decrease the chances of it becoming a potential choking hazard.

Small = under 10 lbs
Large = 15 to 45 lbs
X Large to XX Large = 50 lbs +

Because this is a natural product, antler sizes may vary slightly.

Where are the antlers sourced?

All Holistic Hound antlers are sourced in the USA.

Are the antlers from wild or farmed animals?

Soured from wild deer and elk that have naturally shed their antlers in the wild. Then they are hand collected from the forest floor. No animals are harmed in the process.

Where are they processed?

We never “process” our antlers in the ordinary meaning of the word – they’re only cut, sorted, and sanded for safe chewing. This all happens in our Olathe, Colorado facility.

How long should I wait until I start my puppy on an antler chew?

Puppies LOVE chewing. Get them started right away!

What are the calcium and phosphorus percentages?

Our antlers contain an average of 18.3% calcium and 8.7 % phosphorus.

Any tips for dogs who are finicky or might not take to antlers right away?

The first thing is to make sure you start your dog off with a split antler so they have easy access to the marrow the first time (or times) around. Other tips include dipping the antler in bone broth, peanut butter, or anything that your dog loves that will motivate them to start chewing again. This also works for antlers that have been “well-loved” by your dog to get them reacquainted with their favorite chew!

Can you give me a general breakdown of an antler’s nutritional value?

Antlers are not intended to replace or supplement your dog’s food – they are for occasional offering to satisfy your pet’s natural desire to chew.